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Single page personal organizer

PocketMod is a website and freeware program that helps make 8-paged mini-booklets and organizers out of a single sheet of paper. You can make them online by selecting from a series of templates of what goes onto each page, including calendars, graph paper, to-do lists, etc. Then print out your design on a sheet of regular 8.5″x11″ paper, follow folding instructions and voila!

You can also make your own templates by downloading the PDF converter application. Or, search around forums or Google to find templates that others have posted. I have seen some that automatically sync them to different calendar applications, and someone has even created a PocketMod that troubleshoots OS X computer problems. The possibilities are limited by your own creativity.

I carry a bunch on me, all within easy reach so I can just whip ’em out and record whatever idea before I forget. I even set up ones for particular projects so I can share them with clients. I hold them together with a rubber band in my back pocket, and then when I’m done with the project I just bind them all together.

-- M. Katz 02/18/11

(Note: Mac users can download a piece of freeware called PagePacker that mimics the Windows-only PocketMod PDF converter.-- OH — editors)

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