Ridgid Wet/Dry Vacuum


14 gal. quiet wet/dry vac

I purchased this shop vac after multiple online reviews recommended this model. The feature that stands out the most for me is its Scroll Noise Reduction, which I find is actually effective. Most vacuums are extremely loud, but with this one it’s possible to have a conversation while it’s running.

I initially sought out this shop vac after renovations left our house coated with a layer of dust. We used the Rigid vac to clean up drywall dust, sheetrock dust, sawdust and other debris. Later we confirmed its wet application utility when a pipe burst in the bathroom. When not being used elsewhere our vac sits attached to saws in the garage, keeping the space clean. The whole unit is light enough (22 lb.) and easy to carry around. It uses a three-layer replaceable air filter, and though it’s not included, there is an option of a HEPA replacement filter.

While the 2-gallon Singer wet/dry vac previously reviewed on Cool Tools seems useful for smaller clean-ups, this 14-gallon Ridgid has been well worth its purchase price.

-- Wes Sisk 01/1/10