General Purpose Tools

ScopeAround Flexible Digital Endoscope Camera


An extension for your eye

We own a four bedroom house on a mountain in Saratoga, California. I built our house 20 years ago, it is still a very beautiful house. However, year after year the house needs quite a bit of maintenance work.

Since we live so high on the mountain, we use water from our well. Before I got the ScopeAround, I had to drop a rope into the well, and if the rope came up wet, I would know we had water and wouldn’t need the water truck to come up.

After I got a ScopeAround, I can now just drop the cable into the well. I’m able to see if the well has water, and see if the water is clean or if there is any moss on the wall.

My son is a car racer, and he borrowed my ScopeAround to check for an oil leak on his car. Before, he had to use a stick attached to a tiny mirror.


-- Henry Zhang 02/22/17