Show & Tell Meetup

We are trying something new: a Cool Tools Show & Tell. If you love a cool tool that should be better known, come to a show-and-tell in my Pacifica studio (in the SF Bay Area) on the evening of Wednesday, Dec 4th. Bring the tool, demo how it is used, why it is superior, and how it changed your life. Bring a whole bucket of cool tools if you have that many. Sign up here:

The idea here is that sometimes reading about a tool is not enough. You need to see it in action. The other reason we are doing this is because something great happens when people meet up around things they are passionate about. Cool tools fans are cool people; good things will happen when they connect.

I’ve done a couple of Cool Tools show-and-tells at Foo Camp, and I have done hundreds of show-and-tells for the Quantified Self. This is the format we plan on using: Show us your tool, tell us how it works, and why it is better than anything else, and finally, let us know how it changed your behavior. Then we’ll do the next one. Don’t be shy, bring more than one tool.

If you don’t live in the SF area, find or start a Cool Tools show-and-tell in your area by checking this site — the Worldwide Cool Tools Show & Tell Meetup. We’ll try to run as many of these in different cities on the same night, Dec 4th. Of course, you can set up a Cool Tools meet any day you want, but this is a good start.

More than 6 years ago, the very first Quantified Self meetup was held in this same studio. (I noticed Tim Ferriss in the front row.) I am looking forward to meeting some new folks and new tools. (I’ll have some sample copies of the Cool Tools book for passing around. Also, I’ll send a copy of the book to anyone who organizes a Cool Tool meetup in the US with 10 or more participants showing up.)


-- KK