Simply Dump It


Wheelbarrow handles

These pivoting plastic wheelbarrow handles let you go from a walking position to lifting and dumping without repositioning your hands. They’re also amazing for me, because I am tall: When walking with a wheelbarrow the nose can sometimes catch the ground causing several problems. The handles lower the wheelbarrow’s handles several inches, allowing me to walk upright instead of hunched.

Although I’ve only started using them, they’ve already had quite a workout. I am replacing the gravel pushed off of my 350′ driveway by the snow plow. I load the wheelbarrow quite heavily. These handles have eliminated my hunching AND they let me dump the gravel easily.

Installation took me about ten minutes, being very careful, as they require you to drill permanent holes. They come with clear directions, a long screw, and nylon lock nut for each handle (also included are tubular shims to adjust the fit, if necessary). The steps are: 1) Slip it over the handle; too tight? Sand the handle. Too loose? Add shims. 2) Position as desired. 3) Drill hole in marked location through entire handle. 4) Put screw through the hole, apply nylon lock nut on the other side. Done.

I’ve found them to be stable. UV degradation is my primary concern, since I leave my wheelbarrow outdoor all year. Still, they are cheap enough that a second pair in 4-5 years would be acceptable to me, considering the convenience and back saving.

-- Andrew Bajorinas 04/8/09