Slotted Spaghetti Spoon


Superior back scratcher

I discovered the tool shortly after my wife and I were first married almost 10 years ago. It is a fantastic tool – perfect for scratching your back. Some people may gag at the thought of a kitchen implement being used in this manner – let me console you that it days in the kitchen ended with my discovery.

The metal slotted spaghetti spoon is rigid enough and the pronged edges of the spoon are sharp enough that it can provide an extremely staisfactory back scratching. The ruberized grip allows for a firm grip. The one callout I would make is for you to find a spoon that is long enough to reach all the right places.

This implement is guaranteed to be better than any other backscratcher you can find and, given its humble state as a cheap kitchen utensil, it will most likely be substantially cheaper than any upscale back scratcher you may find on the market today. You will never have the need of calling out for help as your back tingles with itchiness. All other back scratching tools I have tried have failed in comparison. Little did my wife know what joy and delight she would bring into my life in the form of a slotted metal spaghetti spoon.

-- James Bingham 06/13/13