SnoBoss Pusher 4-Way Shovel


Ergonomic snow remover

This new fangled snow shovel is sometimes referred to as a four-way shovel. It is a true innovation in the area of manual snow removal. This may be the first significant improvement in snow shovels since the back saver designs.

The curved shaft offers the advantages of a regular “back saver” shovel. The broad top handle allows for easy 2-handed use when using it as a snow pusher. When using your foot to cut through packed snow you can place your foot in the center of the shovel. This prevents the flexing and possible breakage of normal snow shovels.

But perhaps the best feature is the addition of 2 forward grips. These grips, being parallel to the top handle, are more comfortable to use than twisting your hand 90 degrees to grasp the shovel shaft.


In the end it is still just a shovel and you will be tired from shoveling snow. But this shovel offers some ergonomic improvements that really help. The unusual design is also very flexible and lets you adapt to the conditions. For light/shallow snow it functions as a large pusher. For heavy, deep snow the ergonomic design makes throwing snow more comfortable. The large scoop will move a LOT of snow. If the snow is heavy, just scoop less at a time.

-- Andy Bajorinas 01/18/11