SpiderTech Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape


Precut kinesiology tape

Kinesiology tape has been around for some years and is widely used by athletes, but in the past you had to have a trained person apply the tape. These spider-style kinesiology tape are precut, and by following instructional videos an untrained person can apply the tapes to help stabilize joints, prevent injuries and otherwise support the body. They make them for various injured body parts.

I have a badly damaged shoulder due to a motorcycle accident in 1977. I’ve had joint replacement but the muscles are full of scar tissue and I have limited use of the arm. I have recently had a tear in my rotator cuff and have used a spider to support the joint while waiting for tests, appointments and surgeries. The difference that it has made in my pain level has been amazing.

I have lots of problems with severe muscles spasms in my rotator cuff muscles and have for 20 years. Aside from the spider tape, the thing that has helped the most is a hot tub with very powerful jets. A far less expensive yet very effective tool is a tennis ball in a sock (preferably one of those hospital socks with “non-slip” strips to maximize traction). I can hold the sock with my hand and hang it over my shoulder so the ball is over my shoulder blade, lean back into a wall and move around to massage the muscles. You have remarkable control over the pressure and positioning of the massage.  This has been far more helpful than the many commercial massagers I have tried over the years, and it is very portable. 

I have also found the The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook to be the best guide for self-help using trigger point therapy.

-- Margie Fenney 11/3/11