SSSCat Cat Training Aid


Ssscaredy cat trainer

This terrific product is perfect for dealing with minor stubborn behavior in your cat. I didn’t like our cat going up on the counter behind our kitchen sink to look out the window, but every time I went outside, there she was laughing at me. I tried many different deterrents, but she was like the Borg from Star Trek. She would just adapt. SSSCat solved the problem.

SSSCat is a can of compressed air (like for cleaning the dust out of your keyboard), but with a motion sensor that sprays when the cat gets near. It doesn’t harm or hurt the cat in any way, but it does condition them to avoid the area where the SSSCat has been.

We’ve also used it outside of our bedroom door to prevent the cat from persistently meowing and jumping up at the door in the wee hours of the morning.

The can of compressed air the unit comes with is about half the capacity of the cans you get for dusting keyboards. After it ran out, I found that I could use the keyboard duster cans. Just popped the trigger off the keyboard duster and attached the SSSCat nozzle.

Jean Luc Picard could have used this against the Borg. They never would have figured it out.

-- Bill Dorfmann 01/10/11

(Make sure you pick up four AAA batteries as they are sold separately. -- OH — editors)