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Starrett 800 Series Nail Set


Great tool for driving machine pins and nails

I own a nail set (also called a nail punch) I bought over 15 years ago, but it never saw much real use until recently, when I began using it to drive machine pins. Not the perfect tool for the job (they are made to drive nail heads to the surface or below the surface of the wood), but it would get a pin started. However, I found that the steel would deform by bending and mushrooming when driving particularly stubborn pins.

Then I found Starrett nail sets. Starrett makes a whole line of sets, pin punches, center punches, and other precision tools. The particular nail set I ordered has a 1/16″ tip, is 4″ in length, and has a square head. The square head is nice, keeping the tool from rolling around on the work surface. The particular size I ordered served the need of driving a particularly stubborn small pin. The best feature of this nail set is the concave dimple at the tip. This dimple is designed to fit onto the head of a small nail so that the set doesn’t slip off when you use it to drive the nail. In my application, the dimple fit the rounded head of the pin I was driving so that I wouldn’t slip off and marr the surrounding area.

The downside to this particular nail set is the cost. A three piece set of sets from Stanley can be purchased for less than the cost of this nail set alone. However, the quality of the Starrett set will likely surpass the Stanley sets in the long run. Starrett offers a 5-piece set of nail sets, as well as other pin and center punches. Based on the quality of this nail set alone, I will likely add a set of Starrett pin punches to my tool box in the near future.

-- Ryan Gwaltney 06/29/13