General Purpose Tools

Steel Spring Hook


Crafty stainless steel hook

I was introduced to spring hooks by a repair technician at work around 10 years ago. He was using the tool to get into tight spaces on check processing equipment and gave me one as he thought I’d find it handy around the house.

The tool is quite simple. It’s an eleven-inch stainless steel rod with a 90-degree hook at the end. I found it useful for any task in tight places requiring force to be exerted with precision. I used it for a few years before it died of natural causes and I then found a supplier and bought half a dozen; they were only a few dollars each at the time.

I spread the new supply around the house in the kitchen, office, as well as my workshop and I was surprised to find my wife using them more than I. She’s used them for sewing projects to thread elastic through a waistband, for craft projects to guide the placement of small parts, and for her own forays into light equipment repair.

I find this tool uniquely capable of getting into tight spaces where no other tool can go making it one of the most versatile tools I own. It is sold in various configurations by numerous suppliers, but the 11″ version I was given years ago has proven most useful.

-- Paul Steger 01/3/11