We have not tried this set up, so can not vouch whether it is a cool tool. It is a new modular household that unfolds from the back of a SUV, rover, or car with hatchback. See the website for a full expansion.

The feature-set is great idea for certain kinds of travel; what is not clear is how well the set-up is executed, and whether it is worth the price of at least $4,000. But for some excursions, the arrangement and design might be ideal. It is cheaper than buying an RV. There is at least one installation of the larger version being tried on a pan-African expedition. You’d have an mobile kitchen, bedroom, shower all in one system packed in a standard van or SUV, instead of an RV. You would still have daily disassembly, but you would gain in fuel efficiency, maneuverability, and cheaper cost of the vehicle.

The manufacturer is currently offering two versions: a full heavy-duty outfit (about $8,000) and a smaller compact version, which is shown above.

If someone uses this, please let us know how well it works. Also, there are competitors, such as Yatoo and Westfalia. I’d be interested in a review of any of these systems if someone recommends them.

— KK