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img 04/5/10

Ohto Petit-B

Ultracompact wallet pen

img 04/1/10

HP 10B Business Calculator

Tried and true number cruncher

img 10/21/09

Storus Smart Money Clip

Wallet-free cash & card carry

img 06/22/09


Realtime budget overview

img 12/29/08


Peer-to-peer microfinance

img 12/24/08

Cash Can

Keychain cash stash

img 11/11/08

Death & Taxes Poster

Revealing our collective priorities

img 07/10/08


Ultra-cheap, simple cash clip

img 04/23/07

ALL-ETT Billfold Wallet

Thin, ordered pocket storage

img 11/13/06

Micro-Loans Online

One-click high leverage giving

img 12/16/04

Modest Needs

Effective small gifts

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