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img 08/5/09

Park Tool MT-1

Solid state bike tool

img 02/4/09

Blade Runner Drywall Cutter

Simultaneously cuts front and back

img 01/7/09

Barnett’s Manual

Pro mechanic’s guide to bike maintenance

img 11/5/08

Micro Torch

Cheap micro flame

img 07/2/08

Topeak Turbo Morph Bike Pump

Travel-size, floor pump

img 06/16/08

Tire Slime

Anti-thorn sealant for cyclists

img 04/2/08

Ready Patch

Hardcore spackle

img 01/10/08

Leather Therapy

Restore, condition, protect & polish hides

img 11/21/07

Loctite Epoxy

Easy to mix, apply bond

img 09/5/07

Kevlar Thread

Tough sewing line

img 06/20/07

Just For Copper Solderless Bonding

Solder-free pipe-bonding option

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