Tala Cook’s Measure


Trans-atlantic measuring cup

My granny bought this for me when I first left for university, and I’ve taken it with me everywhere since. I love baking, but proper scales are either too heavy or too delicate for my semi-nomadic lifestyle. This cone like cup is absolutely perfect – it measures liquids and dry ingredients like flour, sugar and lentils quickly and accurately, and creates a minimum of mess.

Every time someone wanders into the kitchen when I’m baking, they’ll stop and comment on how useful it is. (I swear Tala should be paying me commission; I must have recommended it to several dozen people by now.) It’s very light and takes up hardly any room, but it’s proved to be surprisingly sturdy – mine’s getting a bit battered by now, but it’s served me well for years and it hasn’t leaked yet. The best bit is that it measures in metric, imperial and cups, so there’s no more need for irritating trans-Atlantic conversions.

-- Jo McGann 02/1/11

(Unfortunately, I have only found U.K. and Australian sources for this tool so if anybody knows where to source these in North America let us know in the comments.-- OH — editors)