Tattler Reusable Jar Lids


Inexpensive food storage

For years I’ve loved GlassLock Containers [reviewed on Cool Tools] because they seal water-tight. I also love that they are glass (no chemical leaching, microwaveable).

But they are relatively expensive — $45 for 9 containers. When I pack some lunches, my wife doesn’t have enough for leftovers. Since they come in different sizes, I’m always looking for the right lid.

The Tattler Reusable lids work better for my lunches. $7 for the lids and $20 for a dozen widemouth pint jars. Now I’ve got a dozen smallish water-tight containers with interchangeable lids. Widemouth pint jars are freezeable so I can freeze if I need to. If I was motivated, I could also these for canning or pressure canning. (Mmm, Chili.) Since widemouth jars are pretty pervasive, it’s easy to find smaller or bigger jars.

-- Jonathan Ploudre 02/18/14

(I use widemouth canning jars to store nuts and seeds for snacking. Plastic lids are more convenient than 2-piece canning jar lids for this purpose. - Mark — editors)