The Benefits of Paper

I am super excited by the new “Best of Cool Tools” book. It is one of the best things I’ve ever made. Seriously. Everything about it is great. I’ve been working on this for a decade. I really think that anyone who has enjoyed and been educated by this website over the past 10 years, will enjoy and be educated by this book even more so. I may be wrong, but I believe the Cool Tools book is a more highly evolved form of this website. It is particularly potent for those who don’t hang around on this blog, or are unlikely to ever visit it.

But I’ve found it hard to convey in mere words the benefits of this paper version to those who have not held the book in their lap. It has a physical grace and presence not easily captured. Yes, this site and the book are primarily about ideas rather than hardware, but somehow this book’s embodiment in dead-tree paper matters. It may be heresy for a Wired co-founder to say, but the Cool Tools book is better than the Cool Tools website.

Those are just my words, so with the help of my son, I’ve made a video to try to express what the book does. It also links it to the possibilities of the early Whole Earth Catalog, the main inspiration for Cool Tools.

The video is just 4 minutes. I hope it gives you a sense of how dense, and deep, and broad this book is. I am told that books pre-ordered now should be available in the first week of December (despite the date now showing on Amazon).


-- KK  

Cool Tools: A Catalog of Possibilities

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