The Japan Woodworker

Traditional Japanese tools are not as esoteric as they once were. In part because for 35 years this venerable importer has been publicizing their virtues. Fine cabinet makers in particular have found Japanese-style saws, chisels, and wood shapers to be superior in many ways. But you don’t need to be a cabinet maker to appreciate the tools featured in this catalog. I’ve bought some very reasonably-priced Japanese kitchen knives that we’ve maintained with razor edges for many years.

-- KK  

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Sample Excerpts:

Price: $49.75
Our Brush Hook Nobori Kama is great for removal of brush that is too heavy for a weed cutter and too light for an axe. Swung like an axe, the brush hook’s long 14 inch hardwood handle and heavy, hand forged laminated high carbon steel head give it a powerful cut. Cut with a slicing rather than a hacking motion and pull back on the handle at the end of the swing to utilize the 9 inch curved blade. This is a sharp tool and you should always maintain a firm grip on the handle. Comes razor sharp with a sheath for the blade.


Price: $48.75
Our Harvesting Knife is a hand forged lamination of high carbon steel and wrought iron material, hand tempered to Rc 62-63. It is used by farmers and gardeners for hand harvesting such items as cabbage, lettuce, etc. and comes razor sharp in a wooden scabbard with belt loop. Blade length is 5 1/2″ and overall length is 10 1/2″.

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