The Mobile-Shop


Pro work bench on wheels

When I saw the previously-untried Mobile-Shop, it was like a dream come true. I’ve always wondered how could I really organize my work van. With the Shop, I was able to house about four different messy boxes of tools, and make them extremely portable. Now I only carry the Shop and my two Dewalt 18V kits. The handling is great and it’s well constructed. It is really something to see people’s faces when I roll it up to a job site. I’m a kitchen manufacturer and use the Shop for all installations. Aside from the organization it’s brought to my van and my life, it’s cool for my customers to see that I’m a professional all the way to my tool box. If you own your own company, giving this to an employee works great, too, as the fully-loaded Shop comes with a form that’s essentially a contract making the employee responsible for every single item listed (with pricing). Pretty smart. When I purchased mine, I got the cart with only the hardware for bottom organizers. The Shop was about $1100 empty, $1,300 with the bottom hardware, and it’s $3,000 for a complete shop*. Even if you’re not a pro, if you regularly travel with a shop’s-worth of tools, this cart is worth it. Mine’s only 75% full and I’ve got everything I need!

-- Noel Guillermo 04/23/08

( *UPDATE: the company has since changed its policy. Customers can no longer purchase the cart without buying all of the tools, which is rather unfortunate. If you discover they reverse that policy OR if you have found a similar solution available from another company, please let us know in the comments below or via the submit page. --sl — editors)