Surfer's multi-tool

“The Tool” is a minimalist stainless steel multi-tool intended for surfers. It has an Allen wrench, Phillips and standard screwdrivers, wax comb and a leash hook. I asked a friend who works in a surf shop in Venice, CA if he’d heard of it. Turns out he uses it almost daily… — sl

Since I started working in the shop about four months ago, I’ve been using The Tool fairly regularly, mostly to tighten or install fins with the flathead screwdriver and the Allen wrench. The little hook, prong tool is solid for jamming the string used to attach a leash to a board through a surfboard’s leash plug.Though the Phillips rarely gets used in surf-related application, it’s still handy to have for random, non-surfing needs.To buy all these tools separately, I guess you’d spend about 30 bucks, maybe less, so it’s not a huge savings. But you have to factor in the convenience of the one-stop tool shop. That has value, to me, especially on the go, in the car, and on the beach. They’re not flying off the shelves at our shop, but we have had several customers specifically request them and a few folks have been impressed after seeing them in action. I rarely use wax combs, but even if I did, I actually would hesitate to use this one, get it covered in wax, then throw it back in my pocket or bag. Once you get wax all over it, next comes sand, pet hair, you name it. Then again, carrying the Tool you’ll always have a comb handy. In dire straits, you could use it and deal with the sticky aftermath.

— Rob Kieswetter