This Is Not a Cool Tool


This is not a cool tool. This is a fictional graphic novel. It is not a tool at all. It ...

This is not a cool tool. This is a fictional graphic novel. It is not a tool at all. It does not belong in Cool Tools. So why am I disrupting the flow of cool tools by posting it here?

Ten years ago I, Kevin Kelly, started Cool Tools as a private email list. Right now I am working on a best of Cool Tools book, which as you can guess, is the best cool tools reviewed in the last ten years. There are a lot of them, and the book (in paper!) will be huge. I hope to finish it by the end of this year.

But in the meantime, I have just released another book I have been working on for the last 8 years. This is a graphic novel, called The Silver Cord. It is about quantum intelligence, astral travel, and robots who need a soul. Since you enjoy this KK website, there’s a good chance you would enjoy this book.

I am not selling the book (at least the non-paper versions). You can download the entire 210-page graphic novel for FREE. There is also a comic book CBZ file available, also for free. And there are several free web versions. (There is a paper version available from Amazon, but that one is not free.)

The Silver Cord has gotten some good reviews on Boing Boing and other places, but it is not the whole story. There is an unfinished second half. So while I hope you immediately go and read the free book, I also hope a number of you will want to read the finish so badly that you’ll join our Kickstarter campaign to fund the concluding book.

Kickstarter IS a cool tool. This is a website that allows fans to fund the future projects of artists or creators they like. Fans pledge different levels of support (say $10, or $25, or $100) and in return they are rewarded with various ingenious and project-appropriate items. In the case of The Silver Cord, I am offering printed copies of the finished books, and well as incorporating the names or faces of high-level funders into the story. The way Kickstarter works, the money from the pledges is not “cashed” unless the pre-specified goal amount is raised. That way early supporters can be sure that their funds will go to completing the project, and not be squandered on a partial project.

But that means there is a deadline. So there is another reason I am posting about this project. I have only 2 days to complete the funding goal for The Silver Cord. I am reaching out to any fans I might have. If you have enjoyed Cool Tools over the past ten years, you may also enjoy this techno-epic. And if you have enjoyed the epic Silver Cord, I hope you will join our fund for the concluding part. And if you have already pledged I hope you will share this campaign with your friends and fans.

Thanks, and now we’ll return to our normal programming.