Three Great Anatomy Books


The Anatomical Chart Series by Peter Bachin and Ernest Beck is a flip-page guide that includes excellent anatomical charts. It appears to be out-of-print but you can find it used.


The Human Body by Ruth & Bertel Bruun is a great and colorful children’s anatomy book. You can find it used for around $3.


Of my maybe dozen books on anatomy (always fascinated by what Dr. Henry Bieler author of Food Is Your Best Medicine calls “the magnificent human body”), this is the masterpiece: Atlas of Human Anatomy by Frank Netter.


How any one human could do all these exquisite drawings in a lifetime is beyond me. The drawings of the hand are spectacular. There is no descriptive text, so I don’t know if this is the perfect text for helping with self-diagnosis, but this is a reference book anyone interested in the human body should have.

I have an older 4th edition, but they recently released the 5th.

My doctor was using a Grey’s Anatomy, and I sent him a copy of this and he was mightily pleased.

-- Lloyd Kahn  

[Note: You can find Netter's Anatomy in various forms including an iPhone and iPod touch application for those on the go.-- OH]

The Anatomical Chart Series
Peter Bachin and Ernest Beck
Classic Library Edition
$25 (used)
Available used at Amazon

The Human Body Ruth and Bertel Bruun
96 pages
Available used at Abe Books

Atlas of Human Anatomy, Fifth edition
Frank Netter
624 pages
Available from Amazon