Three Great Anatomy Books


Additional anatomy resources

The Anatomical Chart Series by Peter Bachin and Ernest Beck is a flip-page guide that includes excellent anatomical charts. It appears to be out-of-print but you can find it used.


The Human Body by Ruth & Bertel Bruun is a great and colorful children’s anatomy book. You can find it used for around $3.


Of my maybe dozen books on anatomy (always fascinated by what Dr. Henry Bieler author of Food Is Your Best Medicine calls “the magnificent human body”), this is the masterpiece: Atlas of Human Anatomy by Frank Netter.


How any one human could do all these exquisite drawings in a lifetime is beyond me. The drawings of the hand are spectacular. There is no descriptive text, so I don’t know if this is the perfect text for helping with self-diagnosis, but this is a reference book anyone interested in the human body should have.

I have an older 4th edition, but they recently released the 5th.

My doctor was using a Grey’s Anatomy, and I sent him a copy of this and he was mightily pleased.

-- Lloyd Kahn 12/28/10

(Note: You can find Netter's Anatomy in various forms including an iPhone and iPod touch application for those on the go.-- OH — editors)