Tim O’Reilly on Makers and Cool Tools

Next Monday, February 24, at 2pm PST I am hanging out with Tim O’Reilly. Tim is the founder of O’Reilly Publishing, and a early promoter of open source everything. At the dawn of the internet, Tim published the Whole Internet User’s Guide and Catalog, which did a pretty good job of rounding up and reviewing everything of note on the internet at that time (mid 1980s). It was inspired by the Whole Earth Catalog’s “access to tools” mantra, later the inspiration for Cool Tools. Recently, Tim was instrumental in launching the Maker movement and Maker Faires, which further promote tools to make stuff for everyone.

Tim and I will talk about the lineage of Whole Earth, Whole Internet, Cool Tools, and Make. There seems to be a thread of amateur enthusiasm, do-it-yourself and hacker ethic. Or maybe we have this wrong. Tim is a techno-philosopher with great observations on the role of tools in society. I expect it will be an intense conversation.

We’ll go for about an hour.

There’ll be 8 of you joining us in the hangout. You get to ask questions. If you are interested in being one of the 8 sign up here.

About 1:55pm PST on Monday, I’ll send a G+ invite to everyone who signed up. The first 8 to accept at that time will get in.

Everyone else will be the audience. The whole conversation is streamed live and also archived on YouTube for later viewing at your convenience. To watch go here.

-- KK