Tips 10

Great tides software, easily set for locals, like our end of Sausalito and Petaluma.
Mr. Tides

— Stewart Brand


Most public libraries have online reservation systems. I haven’t browsed the library shelves in months. Anytime I see an interesting title now I jump over to the library’s web site and reserve it if possible. I get up to 25 books/CDs in my queue at any given time, and quite often it’s full. I just head to the library periodically and there’s always something or other waiting for me with my name on it. It’s not a tool, per se, but I use it as often as I do my SOG Paratool (Leatherman knockoff).

— Mike Lietz


Joke a Day

It’s so much more than just a joke site. It’s comprehensively funny and personal. The owner does his level best to keep kids under 18 off the site, as the content is meant for adults only. The forums are beautifully managed and moderated, such that neither flames nor “me too” posts are tolerated. I’ve seen users as young as 21 and as old as 82 on the forums, and what they have to say is always relevant and interesting. Members of this online community quickly become friends, and parties are thrown throughout the year where people from all over the country and even the world come to hang out together.

This site and the people on it are terrific!

— Marie Cassidy