Tips 11

The age of the informed consumer is coming about and people are picking and choosing bits of the shopping experience from different channels. My friend and I worked on this, its getting some blog hits at the moment. Basically a phone based price check against amazon items. You call, you enter the isbn, it tells you the prices, whilst you’re shopping in store. We did it for ourselves originally, we purchase a lot of computer manuals but it seems to be useful to others as well…


— Surj Patel


Reader Michael Hohl figured out this wonderful way to make your computer Y10K compliant. That is, how to set your computer so that it displays the 5-digit date it will need when we reach the years after 9999: that is 10000 and beyond. In anticipation of that time, you can set this year’s date to 02005 if you have Mac OSX Tiger. Here are step-by-step directions. Be first in your neighborhood to have all your documents and files future-proofed.

MIchael Hohl