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Most “single use” cameras have a single AA battery inside, which many film developers save. You can go to a ...

Most “single use” cameras have a single AA battery inside, which many film developers save. You can go to a film development shop and ask for a box of batteries. And they will give them to you for free. We are told not to recharge regular AA batteries because they are supposed to explode. I have a surge protector and a charger and put both in a bucket (just in case) and recharge many AA’s for an hour or 2. No boom yet.

— Alex Zavatone


Visual Thesaurus

This is a thesaurus done in flash. It has an intuitive interface that’s fun to use. You just type any word in the search box and your word appears in the center connected to related words and meanings. It all is sort of floating/hanging on the screen. It features audio pronunciations and spell check. I found this on the web 4 years ago as an experimental flash project, at the time it was free. Now you can now try it for free. They offer an online and a desktop version at a very reasonable price.

— Jade Assassin
[also suggested by Danny Flamberg]


I have a typical “fishbowl” manager’s office. Unfortunately, the furniture layout precludes the use of a whiteboard in my office. Instead, I use standard dry-erase markers to write on my office window. I get lots of strange looks from folks walking by, but many have commented on the practicality of the idea. Straight windex and paper towels to clean.

A few other whiteboard tips: Cleaning whiteboards can sometimes be a problem. The little “pop-up” wipes that Expo sells are completely useless. They seem to make future writes on the surface stick even more. Also not recommended is expo’s spray-pump cleaner. Both seem to clean the surface so well, the future writes require more cleaning solution to remove, instead of a standard eraser. I did a bunch of testing, and found a product called “Plasti-Kleen” which does an awesome job of cleaning the surface, but most importantly, preps it for future writing, so only a dry-write eraser is needed. Awesome stuff.

Plasti-Kleen, 40 pack

Available from Amazon

— Gregory Winer
[Window writing also suggested by Duane Morin]