Tips 6

This makes filtered cigarettes at a fraction of the cost of manufactured cigarettes….I got it and all my supplies at

— T. G.


What’s worked for me in keeping dogs away from my bike is a simple squirt gun filled with plain water. Maybe the dogs in my area are all sissys but they now stay out of range of my squirt gun. I bought some ammonia in case the dogs stop fearing the plain water in the squirt gun. If needed I would only add a bit to the water, mostly for the smell, hopefully not enough to be blinding like pepper spray, but so far I haven’t needed to escalate to this form of mild chemical warfare.

— James Bowlin


Sheldon Brown’s website is a treasure trove of bicycle information. He has articles from how to mount a bike to how to build a tandem out of two old frames. I have pretty much read every article on his site, and built a tandem bicycle and a fixed gear (one speed, no coasting) bicycle with his help. Most recently I have enjoyed a collection of responses by Jobst Brandt on a variety of topics. (As Sheldon says, Brandt is best known in the bike industry as the author of The Bicycle Wheel, the definitive text on the theory and practice of building spoked bicycle wheels). Sheldon’s bicycle glossary is also very useful for describing different bicycle related terms. It can also give a bit of history.

— Sam Johnson