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Living in the South, we have thunderstorm and severe weather that pop-up all summer long. There are many websites which offer Doppler radar images for various parts of the country, but none do it better than It offers real time Doppler radar images – unlike most weather sites (, WSI, accu-weather) ┬áthat often delay the images by more than 20 minutes. In addition, each radar image can be “center” on your location. For example, instead of seeing the radar image’s center at the radar site, allows the user to center on your home, your vacation home – making it simpler to gauge the location and speed of approaching storms. They will even send you an e-mail alerting you of tornado, hurricane, and thunderstorm warnings. All of this is free. One final feature (for a small monthly fee) you can have these images delivered to you on your cell phone. If you have Java or BREW-enabled mobile phones, you can use this service to check conditions and forecasts, view animated radar for your location, and get severe weather updates. Great for pilots, boaters, soccer coaches, etc.

Gregg Lewis


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One of the very best finds online ever. The sound quality is perfect. Unbelievably great. A perfect 10.

— Joseph Stirt

Your world textiles entry makes me wonder if you know about Beneficial Ts, a division of Patagonia? This is part of their effort to make organic cotton products more widely available. They’re really aimed at doing bulk runs, so they aren’t happy about selling smallish quantities – but I’ve bought as few as a dozen shirts at a time. Great quality, OK prices (compared to other blank Ts), help save the earth.

Beneficial T’s

— Chris Kantarjiev