Tips 9

Hoggans will make just about any sort of pack or bag to order. I had them make a large fanny pack about 5 years ago. It ran me about $30, but it’s quite large, and is made of rubberized sailcloth, so it’s waterproof and pretty indestructible. They can make small ones to order too.


— Don Suarian


I just bought an old house and was trying to figure out how to seal all my older wooden windows. We have storm windows, but they don’t make a perfect seal, and anyway I wanted my interior windows to seal better. I tried the usual plastic sheeting approach, but it wouldn’t stick well to my stained wood. Then I found DAP SEAL’N’ PEEL Removeable Caulk (I got it at Home Depot).

This is wonderful stuff. It’s clear, and you just lay a bead down across all the open spaces in your windows. Then, in the summer, you can just peel it off and it isn’t supposed to harm painted (and I hope, stained) surfaces. DAP says this “unique removable weatherstrip caulk provides a watertight and weatherproof seal. Seals out drafts and moisture. Peels away easily when removal is desired. Won’t damage painted surfaces. Interior/exterior use.”

Also available from Amazon

— Schutz


Have you used the Google SMS service? Google has a service where you text message a name such Record Shop, Indian food, etc. and the zip code or city you’re in to 46645 and it messages back to your phone with the info. It’s a really nice way to look up businesses when your traveling and away from a computer.

Google SMS

— Andrew Jones