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Trail-Gator Bike Tow Bar


Detachable cycling hitch for kids

What sold me on the Trail-Gator was that I can attach my son’s current bicycle to the back of my bike. We can ride together along the main roads, much like the Pathfinder Bike Trailer, however, when we get to our destination, I can easily unhook his bicycle and let him ride around and have fun. The towbar tucks away nicely next to the rear wheel when not in use.

I’ve used conventional bike trailers before, and I can tell no difference in the ride. I had no trouble installing the kit, and it feels very stable when we ride together. My five-year-old son loves riding his bike, and now we can go exploring together. I also really like the fact I can use the Trail-Gator with multiple bikes. When my three-year-old daughter is ready for her first bike, we can easily move the receiver hitch over.

-- Jeff Curry 06/11/07