Living on the Road

Travelpro Rollaboards


Professional luggage

The original rollaboard luggage is still the best, not least because the extendable handle unlocks with one hand on the handle. No bending over to release a lock with your other hand while your shoulder pack falls off your shoulder, adding further unwelcome drama to your episode with the airport security check. Since there are now so many rollaboards out there, most of them black, I add bright yellow bookbinders tape wrapped around the lifting handle of my bags. A huge duffel bag with wheels is sometimes necessary for the long or multipurpose trip, and in this I prefer Travelpro’s offerings as well. So I have a quiver of three bags–a small 20-incher for the overnight trip, a 22-incher with suit press that still can be carried aboard on most flights, and a 30-inch duffel for checking everything I might want or might want to bring home.

-- SB 07/28/04