Trombone Sprayer


Reaching the high spots

We are lucky to have a few apple & peach trees, but they have to be sprayed to insure tasty fruit. Trouble is some are about 20 feet high. I tried a bunch of sprayers, all poor performers, until I discovered the Hudson Trombone Tree Sprayer. It works like using a trombone and throws a great spray — they claim to around 25 feet high and that looks about right. A connecting hose maybe 7-8 feet long rests with a sort of small shower-head-like filter in the bottom of a bucket (not provided).

It uses plain old arm power. You feel like Elliot Ness in the “Untouchables” wielding a Tommy gun, but it works great, is only about $40 (get the one with the two gun grips) and even builds up your forearms and shoulder muscles. It’s also got an adjustable nozzle to adjust spray. It really throws a good heavy directed or dispersed spray; I’m surprised at how much more quickly it gets the job done. Way outperforms pump-up pressure tank ones.

-- Vince Crisci 06/3/04