True Films 1.1

I released a small number of this self-published book on Amazon, but they are now sold out. Because of the demand for the book, I’ve now made an inexpensive PDF version available.

What it is: “True Films” contains the best 100 documentaries I’ve reviewed here as of December, 2004. I winnowed some from the larger list, and came up with an alphabetical collection of 100 documentaries I feel are worth your time. Most people will enjoy the majority included. There’s been one private film club launched around this list.

What you get for your $3: a downloadable PDF file of a color version of the book (which was printed in B&W).

Enjoy, and let me know what great documentaries or factuals I’ve missed.

— KK

True Films 1.1 — PDF version
2004, 52 pages, 15 MB
Available via PayPal