Tubtrug Buckets


Robust, flexible multipurpose pails

If you keep rigid, used 5 gallon spackle buckets with broken handles and cracked sides for odd jobs, you should recycle ‘em and get these plastic buckets. They are molded in one piece with two integrated handles. The handles are large enough that they won’t hurt your palms or break away. There are too many uses to list, but I got mine earlier this year and have mostly used them in the garden where I’ve moved a lot of dirt and mulch and some large plants. The units are strong enough to fill completely with dirt, at which point they are too heavy for me to carry alone. I was most impressed with the ease with which I moved a large rock, which required two of us to lift. Yet, the tubs, which wipe clean easy, are still flexible enough to form a pouring spout.

-- Jack Roosma 07/5/07