Never-fail sharp tweezers

Most drugstores sell pathetically lousy tweezers. These are blunt, imprecise instruments suitable for plucking eyebrows, if that. They are useless for medical purposes. What you need is a needle-sharp, stainless steel, surgically precise tool that can remove the teeniest splinter from the smallest toe. What you want is a pair of Tweezermans. Their incredibly sharp points should be protected with a plastic cap. They are a joy to use; I don’t think I’ve failed to get what I was after since using them. Backpackers favor a compact medical tweezers called Uncle Bill’s. It does a fine job, although I prefer the longer handles of Tweezerman.

— KK

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RE: Tweezerman Tweezers

I had to laugh at your note on tweezers. I used to spend some of my time playing with transmission electron microscopes, pfaffing about with grids that where 3 mm in diameter and about 20 microns thick. We used these high precision tweezes. In comparison, a Tweezerman tweezer is as blunt as a beach ball.


These are sharper than most needles and an utter bugger to keep them from being bent. But seeing as I’m allergic to a wide range of foreign matter, I find they are perfect for digging into my flesh in pursuit of that last tiny piece of gorse, bush lawyer or barberry. So I’d say hunt some down.

–Jez Weston

08/25/03 --