Keyless dual driver/drill chuck

As a gadget writer, I get sent a lot of stuff. Much of it’s junk, some of it’s interesting, and an even smaller portion is useful. The Twist-Lok initially intrigued and never ceases to satisfy whenever I find myself drilling and driving, especially when perched precariously on a ladder. You just attach a basic keyless hybrid chuck to your drill, insert your drill bit, then slide the silver cover over the drill bit (the magnetized tip of the silver attachment keeps one of the 11 provided Philips or flathead bits secure).Need to drive a screw, you’re set. Need to drill a starter hole, just pop off the silver attachment. Now, I’m no journeyman or contractor, but for my occasional use, the Twist-Lok just works. My only real complaint is the silver piece has to be removed in order to fit my drill back in its case. Of course, that minor annoyance is well worth the time I’ve saved this past year.

-- Steven Leckart 02/20/09