Ultra-cheap, simple cash clip

Instead of an uncomfortable wallet in my back pocket, I use this rubber band to carry all of my essentials — credit card, debit card, driver’s license, work ID, insurance card. I really was skeptical of spending $3 for a 5-pack* of rubber bands, but I gave it a shot. The bands are a bit shorter than the standard office variety, so you can put one around your credit cards on the narrow end without having to double it over. As is, it provides a snug fit. They’re also very tough, about as thick and robust as the kind used on lobster claws. I’ve been using my original band for the past seven months. My “wallet” can now fit easily in my front pocket at all times with no discomfort.

-- Eric Doherty 07/10/08

(NOTE: The manufacturer indicated a newer version of the Money-Band is available for $3 for one single band, not a 5-pack. Additionally, the manufacturer indicated the newer vision is a bit thicker little and about 1/8-inch wider. -- SL — editors)