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Professional archival quality materials

This is the serious industrial strength stuff that librarians use. Vastly better than the consumer-oriented lightweight and fussy stuff others offer.

I buy my favorite journals (acid-free journal 8-1/2×11 cat. no. 678-0004) from them — have been using them since 1993 and have found none better. But I also buy tons of other supplies from them regularly, including:
* Monel metal staples (won’t rust, ever)
* acid-free boxes for slides and photos
* archival corrosion-intercept zip-lok bags for metal artifacts (item 034-8010-10)
* small Poly zipper bags (500-2030) — they have every size you could want, useful for endless stuff around the house and while backpacking

-- Paul Saffo 07/24/03


Drop Front Herbarium Boxes
An excellent choice for either specimen storage or for transporting groups of specimens. These durable boxes have metal edges at all corners for stacking strength (no adhesive used) and drop front bottoms (short side) so items can be removed without damage. Will accommodate genus folders or specimens mounted on Herbarium Mounting Sheets. The acid-free (pH 8.5) blue/grey board has 3% calcium carbonate added to buffer migrant acidity. Price per box. $8.85
Size: 17" x 12-1/4" x 5"