VibraSpin Lure


Catches fish via multi-senses

The VibraSpin fuses together two concepts that are very popular in fishing: the standard spinning lure, which uses a rotating blade to create a visible flash in the water, and the newer principle of using a flat blade that pushes the water as it is pulled forward. Fish, more specifically predators such as bass, muskie, pikes and walleye hunt by not only sight, but all their senses. Sight hunting is covered by the flash of the spinning willow blade as well as the back and forth of the “vibrashock” blade and the various colors available. Sounds and actual vibration are added by the spinning blade, and even more so by the swim blade. The flat blade imparts a thumping or vibration on the lure that has to be felt to be believed. Since I started using a prototype of these last spring, I have caught more fish than I used to with the standard spinning lure.

— Doug Mainor

VibraSpin Fishing Lure
(various colors)
Available from the manufacturer, KaRu Lures

[Click here and scroll down to see a video of the lure underwater — sl]

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