Vittles Vault Stackable Pet Food Container


Airtight seal keeps food fresh and safe from ants

I bought my 50 lb version of the Vittles Vault Stackable Pet Food Container 19 years ago when I moved into a garden apartment and got ants in my dog food bag. It keeps me from having to throw out dog food when I get ants, and, better yet, I never have the experience of putting my hand in the dog food container and pulling it out covered with ants. I’ve also had mice occasionally since I got it, and they haven’t gotten into the dog food. They haven’t even been interested in the general area.

I also like it because it’s less of an eyesore and easier to move around than a half-open bag of dog food. The other containers I’ve seen are either too small, too flimsy, or not really air/critter-proof. In fairness, some of them are less of an eyesore than this.

After about 10 years, I had to buy a replacement lid because I lost the gasket. I bought a second Vittles Vault container, 10 lb, for car travel with the dog. It has a handle, which is really convenient (the big one is too heavy for a paint can-style handle). My 10 lb vault isn’t as sturdy as my 50 lb one. Although I’ve only had it for 4 years, the bottom is warped, and it’s gotten moldy a couple of times. It’s still useful, just not as epically so as the big one. In terms of $/hour of interactive use, the big vault is one of my best value purchases.

-- Holly Beale 05/18/17