General Purpose Tools

Voile Ski Strap


Essential multi-function ski equipment

Every skier ought to own a ski strap. I have used mine to attach skis and poles to my pack, hold the pieces of a broken pole together, attach skis to snowmobiles, affix a tele boot to a ski with a broken cable binding, hold skins to skis, and of course, hold my skis together. I’ve seen them used to jury-rig backcountry toboggans for patient evacuation, and as an improvised knee strap similar to the previously reviewed Mueller Knee Strap.

Constructed of high-visibility orange polyurethane, they stretch just enough to really cinch down, and are virtually indestructible. Much more durable and with far greater utility than velcro competitors, this model of ski strap is simply the best. They can be used one-handed with heavy winter gloves on, and come in a variety of lengths. Friends have used theirs for over five years, mine are almost like new after three years.

This strap is an indispensable and indestructible tool for any skier or rider. You could buy one from or Amazon, but mine was just as cheap from my local ski shop, and is far superior to any other product I have used in a lifetime of skiing.

-- Matt Bresnahan 09/16/10