Volcano Collapsible Stove II


Multi-fuel collapsible hibachi

I have had this Volcano stove for 6 months, and I am amazed with what it can do. It allows you to cook most meals (and lots of meat) outdoors without having to purchase a huge grill. Outside of being a grill, the stove is designed to accommodate a dutch oven, large skillet and wok.

One of the stove’s best features is that it can use three types of fuel: wood, charcoal or propane. It can also be used as a smoker to boot. Outside of cooking, the stove collapses to 1/3rd its size, has a small footprint and feels really well built. The company, Volcano Cook Stoves, has excellent customer service, and fast delivery. For my money this is the best hybrid blend of high-end grill and hibachi.

-- Lane Yarborough 03/24/11