Volvo 240

The Volvo 240 series of cars is quite possibly one of the best used car deals for the cooltools crowd. They were made from 1975 until 1993 — so there are plenty of them to go around. In fact, Volvo wanted to stop making the cars three years before they actually stop producing them — the community demand was so great they just didn’t stop!

240s are roomy (especially in wagon form), reasonably fuel efficient (20 – 30 mpg), durable (engines with 200,000+ miles are not blinked at), solid (steel construction), safe (one of the many cars that built the Volvo=Safe reputation), comfy (lumbar support, heated seats, et cetera), simple to work on (thanks to a roomy engine bay), excellent community support (comprehensive FAQ & online forums), excellent parts support (online junkyard parts galore, and you can still get parts at dealerships), good in the winter (with proper snow tires) and best of all, cheap! A 240 in good condition can be had for anywhere from free (it needs a little work and it’s so old and has so many miles… who’d want it?) to $2,000+ for a well looked after example. (The 240’s latter siblings, the 740 and 940, are both fine cars as well – based on the same mechanicals as the 240)

I’ve had two previous Vovlo 240s and love my current 1990 240 wagon. I purchased it with 225,000 miles already on the odometer for a trip to Alaska. It may be a 16 year old car, but it brings a smile to my face.

— Zach Zaletel

1985, 150,000 miles, $1,000
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