Weed Hound Dandelion Puller


Small weed removal

I bought this weed puller earlier this spring after watching a couple of neighbors use different models of dandelion pullers. One brand ripped out a fist full of dirt, and you had to clear it by hand. When I saw my neighbors 12-year-old kid working the Weed Hound, and using the gun-like hammer action to shoot the much smaller dirt/weed plug into a garbage bucket 10 feet away, I thought we might have a winner.

Once you perfect the technique it gets the entire dandelion taproot about 40% of the time – but you can literally use it for hours without ever having to bend over. My tips for operating it: when you pull up, twist the unit slightly, and keep upward pressure on the knob as well as the pull handle. Wear a glove on your “shooting” hand, so your palm doesn’t get sore when you push the knob and clear the plug of dirt out of the claw. I have found that it works best when soil is moist, especially after or during a light rain.

At less than $20 – it’s about half the price of competing products. It is all metal and seems like it will last. I’ve bought and used the previously recommended Grandpa’s Weed Puller – and this one is 100X better than that. Be ready to share it with your neighbors…this thing will actually draw a small crowd. I even Tom-Sawyered my 7-year-old into weeding his grandma’s lawn as a Mother’s Day present.

-- Pat Boule 05/18/10