Wiggle Rig


Livens up fishing lures

I love bass fishing, but often I am frustrated because I can’t get the action I want on plastic worms and lures. Wiggle Rig gets the most outstanding lifelike wiggle on a lure that I have ever seen. It was designed as a dropshot rig with a twist. Below your hook and attached to the weight is a special elastic made with spectra fiber (making it much stronger than general elastic). Move your rod tip and the action of the “SpecTastic” (the green-blue strip below the lure in the photo above) creates a stretch and release motion that allows your bait to move much more fluidly and with a greater range of action than just fishing line would. Plastics become almost lifelike. After viewing the videos, I just had to give them a try. I will never fish without one again.

— Doug Mainor

Wiggle Rig
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Available from and manufactured by SpecTastic Tackle Company