Wire Restring Tool


Tool for threading string though cord locks, fabric, blind slats, and more

It is difficult to re-string the lifting string in a blind, because the string must be threaded through small holes in the upper bar that are accessible from only one side, and under awkward obstructions.

To get around this, professionals use a simple “wire restring tool” that pulls the string along the proper path. It is an 18″ length of thin, 24-gauge wire, doubled over and twisted around itself near the doubled-over point until a little loop is formed.

This loop-end is pushed through the hole or under the obstruction from the other side. Then about eight inches of the string is threaded through the loop and doubled over and pinched together. Finally, the tool is pulled beyond the hole or obstruction. If necessary, the process is renewed farther along the string’s intended path.

A video that demonstrates the use of the tool, and that includes useful tips about other aspects of blind repair, is here:

The tool can be bought for $1 (not including shipping charges). Or you can make your own tool if you have thin wire, as I did. If you don’t, maybe Home Depot will sell a small roll of wire. Unfortunately, Amazon’s smallest roll is 100 feet and costs $5.

-- Roger Knights 03/21/16