• din 3093 ferrules crimper

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  • DIN 3093 ferrules are a cool tool on itself being cheap and strong steel wire connection.

    But crimping them with pliers is no good.

    Is there any cheap alternatives to http://www.tecni-cable.co.uk/TECNI-XLHD-Crimping-Tool-for-Code-1-1-5-2-2-5-Aluminium-Copper-Ferrules-160-100-125

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    Question by gebvk

What you are looking for is called a swaging tool, often referred to by the brand names Locolock or Nicopress in the field. Be aware that the cheaper ones are rated for softer metals and small diameter wire rope.

Answer by fullupfinish

I have used diagonal pliers to crimp ferrules, but only for non-critical applications. I did it twice for each ferrule. The blunt cutters compress the soft metal deeply around the cable. If I wanted it more security, I might also bash the ferrule with a hand sledge to flatten more of it around the cable. Lastly, there is a screw-operated swaging tool. Slower but probably more powerful than a hand crimper. 

Answer by kokothetalkingape
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