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  • I would like a box with many power outlets spaced so that you can plug in a whole bunch, at least a dozen, of adapters, battery charges, power charges, etc. all in one place. Most power strips or squids don’t give either the needed room or the quantity I need in my photo studio. I am currently using a 2 meter long power strip, which does the job, but is not very compact. Suggestions?

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    Question by Kevin Kelly

1) Squids such as http://smile.amazon.com/dp/B013RX6T4M 
2) I also like this item  http://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00006B8K3 for the fact that at least six outlets will accommodate wall warts, thanks to clever positioning and angling.


Answer by kahomono
Answer by genehalpern

I think the answer is to use the 1-foot extension on a conventional power strip. These things have saved me every time when I had several huge wall warts:


That’s a 10-pack for $16. I use them everywhere.

Answer by astyanax

I have a Belkin BP112230-08 and like it. The pivoting plugs on the edges make it easy to accommodate awkwardly shaped bricks next to each other.

While you are at it, consider getting a UPS like the CyberPower BRG1350AVRLCD. I have a NAS backup drive and all of my networking gear plugged into it. Prevents disk crashes and a 2+ minute reboot of the network when a minor power glitch happens.

Answer by davecort

The Belkin F9D1000 has 10 outlets, spaced to accommodate many wall warts, is not a lot longer than a typical 6 outlet power strip, and its metal case is heavier duty than a typical consumer power strip. The sockets are actually five single gang double outlets you’d find on the wall.  Use with 1’ extension cords like this for larger transformers.  These have worked well for me in data center / lab / computer guy’s office environments.

To bring the outlet count up to 12, add a couple of these short splitter extensions.


Answer by kg4wsv

I use short extension cords but they’re unique because you don’t lose the outlet where you plug them in.



Answer by seth
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Extension Cord – Power Strip Liberator (Black) Short 1 Foot Grounded Cable, 3 Prong, Electrical Pigtail Cords, Outlet Saver, Electric Plug Extender, Surge Protector Adapter – Melca 10 Pack + FREE Ties

Answer by lwd3

From your request it sounds like you are using a server room power strip. 2 meters is not that compact. Have you considered using a similar, yet shorter, alternative?

Tripp Lite sells power strips in all lengths. The shortest I could find was 24” long with 8 outlets. 


I recommend these for my clients all the time. They are inexpensive (relatively) and they work great.


Answer by max1e6

It’s not quite what you’re asking for, but we use a 10-port USB charger for charging all the phones and tablets in the house.  It cut way back on the number of things we had to plug into the power strip in the first place.

We have this one: https://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-Family-Sized-Charger-Technology-AX-TPCS/dp/B00OJ79UK6/ref=sr_1_3


Answer by pasketti

This doesn’t fit exactly the goal you’re describing, but these things are really flexible as to the goal of lots of power breakouts (plus, I found out about these from a pretty cool site): http://kk.org/cooltools/yellowjacket-5/

You can daisy-chain these directly, with a shorty cord or with long ones. Looks like eBay is now a better source for these things than Amazon though.

Short of cobbling your own set of surface-boxed receptacles spread out over a piece of plywood (stacked even?), I don’t ever get the feeling that wall-wart makers and power box makers ever even try to get along.

Answer by Wayne Ruffner

I have a few of these attached to upright metal shelving with tie-wraps. I use them for my endless charging needs. I also have a couple of these on my electronic test bench, one on the ”mezzanine” that holds my test equipment, and the other on the front apron of the bench to power the gear I’m repairing.  The last place I use them is on the back or my computer desk for the various things that need power there.

Answer by tmcgee

Sorry, duplicate post about 

Ziotek ZT1212513 Power Strip Liberator Plus II,

Answer by rlbrooks

Finally I can contribute something (in my excitement I failed to notice someone else had given both of these tips... but consider this a verification)

I use this one from Belkin, its rugged, O/L protected and well spaced… it will never win a decorating contest… also has a long cord.  I screw it to the wall.

Belkin F9D100015 10-Outlet 885 J Surge Protectors


I also use the 5-pack Liberator Plus, short extension cords with two outlets when I just want to plug in one or two charges, (ie beside or travel)




Answer by daryn
Answer by paron

Amazon has some power towers instead of a power strip.  Previously I bought and am using two Umirro 10-outlet towers.  Each of the three levels have a power button.  The outlets are spaced and angled in such a way as to enable you to use charger adapters in each of the plugs.  It also has four USB charger slots in the base.  The best thing is that it has a very small footprint on my desk.  As the IT guy for my company, I am always plugging stuff up on my desk and didn’t like power strips that had the outlets facing up.  The danger with that is if you spill something then the drink can go down into the outlets.  This vertical tower greatly reduces that risk. 

But, you asked for at least a dozen outlets.  So I did a quick search and found the JBonest 16-outlet power tower.  While I have not personally tried this product, it does seem to meet your criteria.  I hope this meets your needs. 

Answer by poppabawb
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