General Purpose Tools

Yellow-Jacket 5 Outlet Adapter


Wall wart solution

This in-door, out-door adapter is the best I’ve found for dealing with multiple wall-warts. The outlets are spaced just far enough apart to allow virtually any size wall wart to fit, and you can chain together the adapters (each outlet has five outlets, so every additional one in the chain gives you four more outlets). It’s cheaper than specialty adapters like the PowerSquid, and it’s inherently more organized. If you chain a couple PowerSquids together, you’ve got a mess of extra cords on account of that model’s ‘tentacle’ design. If you daisy chain two Yellow-Jackets together, you’ve got a tidier package.

The Yellow-Jackets also feature cable restraints or ‘cord locks’ you can run the cables through. Personally, I cut them off to make the outlets more compact, but if you had five people working outside — each using a power tool and each pulling the adapter in a different direction — these restraints make it so that you’d have to pull a lot harder to cause an accidental unplugging.

-- Stephen Malinowski 02/7/07