54 Piece Bit Kit


Comprehensive bit kit

Most tech products are a battleground: you want to get in, but the manufacturer wants to keep you out. To do this, they use odd-sized screws that require exotic screwdriver heads to undo. This set of driver bits is the most comprehensive I have found, and includes all of the unusual sized Torx heads that Apple likes to use, plus more unusual ones like square heads and tri-wings. This selection of 54 driver bits should allow access to the internals of pretty much any piece of small electronics that is held together with screws, although you will also need a set of larger cross-head screws for the bigger screws that are present on larger electronic devices.

Also included is a small screwdriver body and a flexible extending neck that makes it easier to work with more concealed screws. The screwdriver and heads are also magnetized, which is handy for keeping the screws attached to the driver bit as you try and put them back in.

Overall, this is an excellent all-in-one screwdriver set for the curious tinkerer who would rather replace their own hard drive than pay the manufacturer to do it, or for anyone who wants to find out exactly what is hiding in there. And at $20 for the set, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than buying a complete set of individual screwdrivers.

-- Richard Baguley 06/21/10